There is a great article about the relationship of weight loss and the spiritual life. Tom Collingwood has drawn the connections between the health of one’s body, the health of the environment and the Christian life in his book: Becoming a Creation Steward. The book, with a foreword by Ricardo Simmonds, explains in detail how the Catholic faith teaches us to be stewards of creation, which includes our own bodies. If the imbalances in the world are often an expression of the imbalances in ourselves (Gaudium et spes, 10), then the same can apply to our bodies. Tom Collingwood offers insight into how we should care for the gifts given to us by God. A great way of starting is getting healthy!

This article from CNA explains a Catholic diet developed to lose weight while growing in your faith called “Light Weight”. It links the emptiness of a faithless life with the compulsion to fill it up with what is unnecessary. By filling oneself up with God, there is no room for eating disorders. Below an extract of the article:

The ubiquitous problems of overeating and obesity are rarely connected to underlying spiritual issues – which makes Light Weigh unique. The program promises participants will learn “to attain peace with food” by following the example of Jesus and the saints.

Marquez, who runs a Light Weigh program at St. Andrew Church in Eagle River, calls it “divinely inspired.”

It may be the only diet plan that comes with a “spiritual tool kit” that consists of prayer books, holy water, rosaries and “sacrifice beads” – a strand of sliding beads by which participants track dieting sacrifices they make daily. Nineteenth-century Carmelite nun Saint Therese of Lisieux used them to make her “Little Way” – performing small acts of love and sacrifice to achieve holiness.

“That’s one of our goals,” said Marquez, “to adopt the ‘Little Way’ and to do little things, little lifestyle changes that bring about better health, and that’s what God wants for us – to be in optimum health.”

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